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2014-06-11 05:43 pm


 This review ended up taking a long time to finish, partly because I had a fair amount to say and partly because I got really busy this week. Nonetheless! I recently purchased the ebook of Liberation, by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens. The bottom line is I thought they had some interesting specific observations, but I was unconvinced by some of their more overarching claims about the series. 

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2014-06-07 11:37 pm
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Midnight Ramblings

 Just got back from pride! I am very jazzed, and will be washing glitter out of my hair for the next week. 

Anyway, I can't sleep so I will share my thoughts on the next few episodes of B7 that I rewatched: 

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2014-06-03 09:51 pm

Blake(')s 7: The Rewatching

 So... I finished bingewatching Blake's 7 in April, and it permanently broke my brain.  And I figured the next logical step was a rewatch. Here are my disjointed thoughts about the first five episodes: 

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2014-05-18 07:39 pm

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I just took a five-hour nap. My long, slow path to becoming nocturnal continues. Saw Godzilla today. It was a lot of fun, but I was sort of meh about it in the end. (some spoilers after the cut...) Read more... )