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 Just got back from pride! I am very jazzed, and will be washing glitter out of my hair for the next week. 

Anyway, I can't sleep so I will share my thoughts on the next few episodes of B7 that I rewatched: 

"Seek-Locate-Destroy" (1.6) - not *quite* as good as I remembered it being, which is funny bc it's the episode that convinced me the first time around that this show could be good. Servalan and Travis don't show up until like 20 minutes in! At least they're running around trying to blow stuff up for most of the episode, though. The backstory bits also don't really work bc now I know what a mess the Travis character will become. It's also funny how Travis is built up to be teh evil badazz when we all know Servalan is the one to be afraid of. Gareth Thomas really sells his speech about Travis, though. I also thought I preferred Travis I, but going back he's actually kind of one-note and boring. (I've changed so much in ... two months ...) 

"Mission to Destiny" (1.7) - I really hate this episode. It's not bad, comparatively. But it's just so pointless and trashes all of the momentum built up by the last episode. The sudden switch to a mystery story is jarring and awkward. I fundamentally don't care about who killed whom, and I think it's a bit ludicrous how easily the passengers accept everyone from the Liberator managing their affairs, even though I do know the former haven't got a lot of options. 

"Duel" (1.8) - The overall pacing is a bit off. B7 has a tendency to waste time on space battles before getting to the main plot, even when it's obvious nothing permanent is going to happen and the SFX are ... well, what they are.  Anyway, in this episode Blake is rewarded bc he follows the first law of B7, which is never to kill someone when you could continue playing psychosexual games with them instead. Although it's pretty predictable that Blake won't kill Travis, both bc Travis is a recurring villain and also that's how this kind of plot always ends, I do actually like Blake's continual refusal to kill Travis. It shows that he views the world in broad, overarching terms and just fundamentally isn't that interested in individual villains. He's willing to kill (a lot) for large structural goals but not for small ones. (Not that I don't think Blake has individual ties that he cares about, just that that's not the dominant part of his personality.) Still, the amount of times they all fail/inexplicably refuse to kill both Travis and Servalan is frustrating as hell. 

I also finished Liberation by Moore and Stevens, and an entire book about Terry Nation. I will try to post my thoughts tomorrow. 

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in this episode Blake is rewarded bc he follows the first law of B7, which is never to kill someone when you could continue playing psychosexual games with them instead.


i like that he doesn't kill travis as well - i believe all the reasons that he gives, and i also think he's trying to reassure himself that he is a good person. it doesn't necessarily work, because it's a trick of semantics (the ninth doctor points this out to margaret slitheen) but it's a good start.

very interested to hear what you thought of liberation, which i have avoided thus far.


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