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I just took a five-hour nap. My long, slow path to becoming nocturnal continues. Saw Godzilla today. It was a lot of fun, but I was sort of meh about it in the end. (some spoilers after the cut...) Godzilla doesn't actually show up until a good way into the movie. In part, this was smart, because it built the suspense; but on the other hand, it was fairly aggravating because we had to spend a lot of time watching second-rate drama (the Lone Crusading Scientist, the Just-Returned Soldier, etc.) instead of watching Godzilla smash things. The movie also seemed to be constantly on the cusp of Saying Something about nuclear weapons, but I don't think it ever quite got there. The character focus would have been good if the characters had been more original or compelling, but as it was the movie is sort of treading water between character and spectacle and not really succeeding at either as much as it wants to. The focus on the protagonists actually had the effect of making the movie less scary and grand, because I was sitting there during suspenseful scenes thinking "oh, like they would really kill the toddler" rather than "oh how we are all vulnerable to the MUTOs/Godzilla/whatever." I think it might have been more effective to focus on small character vignettes, rather than a central family (+some scientists), as it would have broadened the scope while still retaining a human element, and it wouldn't have been so easy to predict who was going to die. (Although I will say I was surprised when one of the ostensible main characters did indeed die.) If the movie had really gone for something meaningful about nuclear power or humanity's relationship with nature or whatever I would have been there, but as it was I felt the movie was just biding its time until it was time to bust out Godzilla. One last thing: I really liked the intro credits, with the retro montage of fossils and nuclear tests and so on. But I am a bit obsessive about credits.


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