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 So... I finished bingewatching Blake's 7 in April, and it permanently broke my brain.  And I figured the next logical step was a rewatch. Here are my disjointed thoughts about the first five episodes: 

"The Way Back" (1.1) - I forgot how solid this episode is. I like the parallel of Blake and Travis both being pawns (if not helpless pawns) at their own trials, even if like most things about B7 I'm sure the parallel was unintentional. While conventional wisdom is right that this episode is of a very different format and tone from the rest of the series, it still sets up the important issues/themes very nicely.  

"Space Fall" (1.2) - Poor Nova - he didn't even get any distinguishing character traits before he died. I like how Leylan, Artix, and Riker represent the three archetypes of Federation guards in the series: the world-weary, cynical one, the immature, inexperienced one, and the violent, brutal one. The Federation guards were too easily distracted by magic tricks for the grim tone this episode is trying to go for.

"Cygnus Alpha" (1.3) - BRIAN BLESSED made me giggle a lot. The best part was when he was destroying the teleport bracelets and there was a dramatic CRUNCH sound effect but the bracelet itself was clearly unharmed. I guess this is before they resorted to cardboard bracelets.

I also laughed when Avon points the gun at Blake and, after Blake responds with contempt/disinterest, hastily throws the gun on the couch and changes the subject. Very subtle, very smooth, A+. But it made me cringe inside too, due to Future Events.

The most interesting bits of this episode were Avon and Jenna on the ship, actually. It was nice to see Jenna in her early, harder-edged incarnation.

"Time Squad" (1.4) - I spent a millennium of my life watching this episode. When I first started watching the series, this the episode that almost broke me. The most frustrating thing is that Cally's introduction is good and this episode COULD have been all about Cally being a lone guerilla and blowing up communication centers. But no, we had to watch random defrozen dudes stalk Jenna and Gan veeeery slooooowly for like half the episode. Why do they keep picking up random artifacts to take on the ship????? Jenna even points out that responding to distress signals often leads to walking into a trap! 

"The Web" (1.5) - I actually really enjoyed this episode, even though it is also five thousand years long. I am sort of ashamed, but I actually thought the Decimas were really ugly-cute! And the scene where they mourned their fellow Decima was sad. Even though "Time Squad" features actual terrorism, this episode somehow has more political subtext. Not necessarily subtle or good subtext, but it is there. This episode also has the great "automatic reaction" line. Most importantly, however, this episode has the most transcendently bad special effect ever broadcast on television. THEY MUST COME. THEY MUST. THEY MUST. THEY MUST COME TO US.  

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your other comment reminded me that i meant to come back and comment on this post when i had the time/wasn't moving between states. i also kind of like the web, even if i am mean to it. i mean - basically it is ok, and it has some really good bits as well.

also - the crunch sound effect is so convincing that i have NEVER NOTICED that the bracelet is fine. i just assume that it went crunch and is destroyed...

funny how the brain works.


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